New Zealand: North Island

Today we leave New Zealand for Sydney.

It’ll be sad to leave, but home is beginning to beckon – just a few more episodes before that though!

Friday 11th February: Te Kuita

The Weekend Rotorua &Taupo

14th February: into Gisborne

Thursday 16th February: Gisborne in depth

Farewell Gisborne, and hello Coramandel

25th February: Bay of Islands

Monday 27th February: leaving Baylys Bay

3rd March: leaving Auckland

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8 Responses to New Zealand: North Island

  1. Steve Barriff says:

    You will be delighted to know that it was -12 in Canal Walk last night. The canal is not so much azure blue as snow white.
    Good to hear from you.
    Sheila and Steve

  2. Mike Ford says:

    Keep on truckin’ you guys. Watching you……..

  3. Dave and Gill says:

    glad to hear it is all going well. Newbury was minus 8 last night so enjoy your warm weather! I met Emmeline in Costa yesterday, she is well.
    We have sold our campervan and getting a new one next week- maybe we can drive it ti Newzealand!
    Have fun.

  4. Just enjoyed the reading of your latest blog. Scenery looks stunning, especially the rainbow and the moon………… moons for us but no rainbows – just misty and murky today…. Much love – Angela xx


    Hello Both, we have never seen a Dolphin on the canals of England and so are very envious of you both. We also spotted your reference to “Foxton”. You cannot keep canallers down!
    What stunning scenery but I hadn’t thought about black sand.I have to agree with you both that the trucks look the business. I don’t think that Janet appreciates trucks too much. She does recognise a number of UK haulage companies though now.
    We’re off to Whitby first week in March, the home of Captain Cook. They have only a small museum to him but it is very interesting.
    Love to you both, Janet and Joseph xx

  6. It was great to read the latest blog and to see you, Jackie, striking that wonderful pose of yours – hands on hips and looking up into the sky – I’ve seen it so often even from the back, I just know it’s you!! Enjoy your last week in NZ and hope your birthday is extra special with lots of sunshine. Great to see the photo of Venus – she was here with us here in the NW last night, as was the splendid moon……….. Much love and keep travelling hopefully – Angela xx

  7. Mary Wright says:

    Sounds like you may be ready for a long ocean cruise and some cossetting. What an adventure you are having.
    I’ve just come back from five days in Venice and that was an adventure too. Unlike your changeable weather I had wall to wall sun all the time. At the end of five days I wasl ready to come home for a rest. I walked for MILES!
    Mary x.

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